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March 7, 2012
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TAT: When it Rains by Poporetto TAT: When it Rains by Poporetto
When it rains, use umbrella! :D

---This and That comic strip---

[link] Further and Further
[link] page 1 Introduction
[link] page 2 Always Better
[link] page 3 Suspicion
[link] page 4 Not That Strange
[link] page 5 How to Make Sense
[link] page 6 A friend's concern
[link] page 7 Meeting your love
[link] page 8 Kris Kringle
[link] page 9 A New Job
[link] page 10 Ponyo and Sousuke
[link] page 11 My Valentine
[link] page 12 Request
[link] page 13 Answer
[link] page 14 Little Sister
[link] page 15 Big Sister
[link] page 16 Last One
[link] page 17 Annoying Passenger
[link] page 18 Lunch Box
[link] page 19 Good Driver
[link] page 20 Cats and Dogs
[link] page 21 Food for Fowl
[link] page 22 Egg for Fowl
[link] page 23 The Thinker
[link] page 24 Footsteps
[link] page 26 I will wait
[link] page 27 Food & Economy System
[link] page 28 From the Rib
[link] page 29 The 12 Years Old Girl
[link] page 30 Unwell Feeling
[link] page 31 Iron Man
[link] page 32 Mango Girl
[link] City Night View
[link] Why LORD?
[link] A Prayer
[link] Breath
[link] Silence
[link] This Pain
[link] Totoro Family
[link] Assignment
[link] Drawing A Pose
[link] No Undo
[link] Neighbourly Noise
[link] I'm Fat Again
[link] Why Do You Draw?
[link] Christmas Celebration
[link] Hope
[link] Lesson From Pokemon
[link] Valentine's Day
[link] Flies
[link] 2nd Lesson From Pokemon
[link] The Right Inspiration
[link] About Giving
[link]Great Wall of China
[link] Love Triangle
[link] Cool Christian
[link] Ebuy
[link] Stop Thinking
[link] She Loves Me Not
[link] Emancipation
[link] Three wishes
[link] Love
[link] Spider-Web
[link] Faith

[link] page 1 Animal Lover
[link] page 2 Man is Back
[link] page 3 Reminescence
[link] page 4 Rainbow
[link] page 5 Descendant
[link] page 6 Language
[link] page 7 Unity
[link] page 8 Ambition
[link] page 9 Tall Tower
[link] page10 Good Job
[link] page 11 COnfusion
[link] page 12 Age Gap
[link] page 13 The Call of Abram
[link] page 14 Abram in Egypt
[link] page 15 Pharaoh in Law
[link] page 16 The Creator
[link] page 17 Creation
[link] page 18 Which Day
[link] page 19 The 6th Day
[link] page 20 Tree of Knowledge
[link] page 21 Thing
[link] page 22 Naming
[link] page 23 Naming the Animals
[link] Companion
[link] The Woman
[link] Not Ashamed
[link] The SnaKe
[link] The Snake Menace
[link] Touch and Die
[link] Eating the Fruit
[link] Fall of Mankind
[link] Regret
[link] Hiding
[link] Confession
[link] Serpent's Fault
[link] Blame Game
[link] Punishment
[link] Woman's Punishment
[link]Man's Punishent
[link] I Know You
[link] Animal Lover
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my reaction right now:
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Karma!! LAWL
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awww cute >w< glad ur still active around here :D
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good idea! that happens alot on the buses I am riding during rain
nlmchaos12 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
I knew I was right to keep watching you!
SyS-siempre Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
Is it terrible I thought of Totoro when you pulled that umbrella out? XD
JimmyDimples Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
He who laughs last.... :evillaugh:
Substance20 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I actually did this inside an office.
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